Soul and School of thought

by Sil LuuQue on 11/19/2010

Before reading what am i about to write..I hope that you guys keep a very open minded and leave all your political views and what so ever…okies?

– I write or rather specifically type this with no bias to any school of thought-

1. Why do youth nowadays more interested on left side of political views?

If you asked me this question, the answer can be traced back to our own educational system..basically KBSR was only focus on what was written on the result slip..obviously the more A’s u got the brighter your future aite?? but wait a sec do we really give some time to ponder on the impact of the school of thought that we nurtured to our future generation or youth nowadays..?  Indeed KBSR is focusing holistic development but I would like to ask you..if sports was not included in the exam result cert do you give a damn? for those who had some basic in any sport they will say hey sport is important!! but how bout the others? who are forced to do something that they font want to do during physical education?..

so the equation is simple

[sports] – look like important but does it really effect ur image? if you got 11 As?

exam cert? – its your ticket to the next phase of your life..

so for me..i think..sports should be counted as the basis of selection together with religious study and moral too~

Ok..back to what i said just now..from my point of view…KBSR is nurturing a generation of cubic workers..which is very plain and very good in following orders but not bending it..Which is technically good..but hold on..think of what will happens when this kind of peoples hit a wall of truth? hit the reality of life?.. We all acknowledge that sometimes in life the rules are ment to be broken..aite? you dont agree or in denial of agreement??

I give you 1 situation, a contractor borned by KBSR when they failed to got a contract and most probably they need to close off their firm..when he have another look on the contract it was taken by peeps with connection..ok?? imagine what will he feels..I know it is a very typical examples..but hey believe it or not its a bitter truth happening out there…

Hey what the relation between a closing firm with youth putting on their trust to the left side??

the answer was given by our very own legend..that is P.Ramle..

“Jika anak muda tidak diisi dengan muzik, maka muzik lain akan mengambil alih..maka muzik lama akan dilupakan masa 2-3 tahun kerana dalam jiwa mereka itu  kosong”

in translation

“If music was not instilled in the heart of at the very beginning stage of development ( kids) the foreign genre of music will take over because their soul is empty”

ok now replace the word music with “political views”

LEts go back to the previous contractor story..whey he is depressed he google his solution and found a new “political views” that offer a stable and fair judgment for all..and i think u guys will know what happend next aite? ok this jsut on contract field, how bout job opportunities? education? if the government fails to cater this problem..sigh…Please the opposition i am not going agaisnt you guys okies? ok ig u guys take over the goverment also maybe you can learn from this simple equation

[job] x [contract] x [education] = ________ (frustration)

the more figure you got wont symbolize the merrier your life will be..but the more trouble some you got in the parliament seat..again..its goes to both party ok…please be very neutral in reading this..

I know its sounds very lame but hey don’t hate the politician..because politician is basically the real decision maker in one country..(if you dismiss the power of money) I think both the government can learn on this small adjustment of what our abg Ramlee..

so my point is if you develop the pupils soul they will have a good school of thought and you fail to do so..if you only producing a cubic worker..just you wait..those frustated side of people will be a pain in the ass and maybe 1 day overturn the aouthority..

like what the joker said..

THe cops have plans, Gordon have plans,they’re schemers..schemers try to control their little world, Im not a schemers, I want to show the schemers how pathetic the way they are tryting to controll their little world..bla bla bla..“Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order and everything becomes chaos.”

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  1. 11/19/2010Mr bublers says:

    Dari umur 7, sampai mati, ramai yang masih dibangku sekolah lagi.

    Bunyi loceng = rehat

  2. 11/20/2010Sil LuuQue says:

    masuk kelas = keraskan diri

    bunyik loceng = balik~

  3. 11/20/2010Bublers says:

    ko memang manjang keras dalam kelas ke ? hahahhaha

  4. 11/20/2010Sil LuuQue says:

    itu sangat dabel meaning..wahaha

  5. 11/22/2010Bublers says:

    takpa la kan .. bleh layan album double trouble ..

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