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by Mr bublers on 11/19/2010

Hi Everybody,

I’ve done some changes to the sidebar twitter.

1) Change twitter id from @bublerszain to @bubmy

– who are currently following bublerszain with real intention is actually to follow blog is advised to follow @bubmy start from now

2) Group tweet

– Follower now can send direct msg to @bubmy, messages will be public with <sender>: <text>

3) How to send a direct msg

– From type “d bubmy <message> (dont forget “d” that is the shortcut for direct msg)

– From other twitter client, goto to the tab with “@” (most of mobile client use this, my HTC does at least  :D )

4) is using WP-Supercache

– If you cant see updates, please do login, you can either register manually or use your facebook id login using the 1st right hand side widget (top)

5) Author

– I’m open for any suggestion & updates, if you felt like you have good content to share, please do inform me your ID registered at, will promote your ID to Author so you can start publishing your posts @

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