Pesan Abg Ramlee

by Sil LuuQue on 11/8/2010

Bukan mee rebus ramlee yg femes kat ipoh ok..

aku tgk dekat chanel 555 ari tuh documentary bout our legendary p. ramlee..

pada pandangan aku la..tak la kata aku nk layak nk kasik pandangan ke apa..(ok we skip the humbleness)..P Ramlee ni lahir dalam zaman or dimension of time yang silap..ok fikir eh.. Einstein lahir dalam masa dia dia bawak e=mc2 dia tuh..tapi aku rasa kalau la P ramli ni lahir zaman sekarang brapa besar impak dia bole bawak..sbb aku kata mcm ni..utk seorang tuh pakai nama seniman or we broke it into two that is seni and man..maksudnya dia ni kena sorang yg betul2 berseni kerja dia..seni ni la bagi aku sng je..kalu kita dgr, lihat and cuba nyanyi balik kalua hati kita rasa terdetik, sebak or tetiba nanges tampa apa sebab..itu kerja ada seni la maksud dia..(bagi aku lah)

1. Mungkin kita kata p. ramlee itu legend sbb kita di brainwash dengan movie2 abg Ramlee dari kecik

2. Mungkin kita kata abg Ramlee ni pakai itu ini sbb tu dia power..

To hell to those people that had chosen option no 2..what the hell are you guys thinking! as if all the legendary stuff are made of satan’s help..sigh…But if you choose no 1, Im on ur side..because simple…During our birth our soul is completely empty, it can be fitted with lots of ideology, charisma and linguistic quality, thats the reason why children can be taught more that 2 language at 1 time! because their brain are like sponge, always in thirst of something new..I have to agree with what the media was doing keep on showing Abg Ramlee’s artwork and many others song..this is mainly because we are Malaysian and we have the heritage of Malay, Chinese, Indian and many other ethnics and most of it we can find in abg Ramlee’s artwork. There for to answer question number 1 for me Yes I am willing for my brain to be washed up by a clorox named Ramlee..a pure soul fitting way to teach exspecially for the malays, exspcially for good moral values and others. Huih quite hypocrite aite? naaah..I do listen to all those punk, rock, ska, oi!, trash, metal, makyong, and whut ever song..hell who doesnt..but abg Ramlee’s song is for me the comforting song, my cup of tea, my lulaby and most importantly my heritage! ( u can use OuR before the word heritage also)

dah pjg plak aku bebel

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